Focalyx Tx


Focalyx Tx is a new minimally invasive treatment for prostate cancer aim to maintain patient quality of life.


Once the tumor lesion(s) had been characterized by mp-MRI with Focalyx Dx and its biological aggressiveness had been established with Focalyx Bx, Focalyx Tx concentrates in the destruction of the cancer lesion(s) while preserving normal prostate tissue and function. 

Focalyx Tx uses focal cryoablation, an FDA approved treatment, where very low temperatures are used to destroy cancer tumor lesion(s). Once the individual treatment plan has been established, cryotherapy needles are placed through perineal access using the same “GPS-like” precision system of Focalyx Bx with imaging fusion between MRI and ultrasound. 

Among the benefits of Focalyx TxCryo are:

• It’s minimally invasive so there are no incisions and no scars.
• It’s an individualize treatment; there are no two cancers alike.
• There is no hospitalization; the procedure can be done in a physician office or as an outpatient procedure.
• Fast recovery.
• Aimed to preserve quality of life by preserving sexual and ejaculatory functions, while improving urination function.