Focalyx Bx


Focalyx Bx is a novel approach where the prostate is sampled through perineal access using imaging fusion between MRI and ultrasound in the clinic office setting. 


Our approach is the safest possible and the risk of infections is 100 times less than the one associated with the standard techniques or fusion transrectal ultrasound biopsy of the prostate.

Focalyx Bx achieves unprecedented MRI guided sampling of prostate tissues. All intended aimed areas for sampling can be in fact sampled. This advantageous approach prevents the need for subsequent prostate biopsies.

Focalyx Bx provides “GPS-like” precision of the area sampled, thus physician and patients know exactly the relation between the cancerous lesion and critical anatomical elements such as: the urethra (voiding canal)  and the cavernous nerves (nerves responsible for men erections).

Finally, the “GPS-like” precision of Focalyx Bx opens the door to targeted therapies aiming at cancer destruction while sparing healthy tissue and its function. These approaches provide improved quality of life in the management of prostate cancer.